Our Founder

Gülbin Küçük

Electrical Engineer

I think our belief in sharing knowledge and teamwork is the foundation of our success. We carry out all the processes of our projects with our customers and while understanding them as solution partners.

Serdar Çetin

Electrical Engineer

Our success is due to relationships built on trust. As a responsible partner of our customers, we work with the awareness that the risks are minimized, accurate, and timely projects are expected.

Our Team



"Our project design culture aims at the summit with a team capable of responding to all kinds of requests and open to innovations."

As a comprehensive engineering design firm with project designing, consultancy, and control services, we offer solutions worldwide with a focus on technical knowledge, customer needs, and developing technology.


Our understanding of responsibility with many years of knowledge in different fields and the experience it brings, our approach to detail, and our ability to organize according to the needs of our customers make us different.


We do every job with the awareness that it carries our customers to the future.


Erk Proje was established by Electrical Engineer Serdar Çetin and Electrical Engineer Gülbin Küçük and started its activities in 2005 and continues to work with the same excitement and enthusiasm as the whole team