Today, buildings are developing rapidly in accordance with technology.

Electrical system design is no longer as simple as lighting and power design placed on an architectural floor.

Our engineers are aware that the electrical system is one of the important components that enliven the building, and that the projects have the characteristics that distinguish a project from others, even if they have the same basic qualities.

The fact that the properties of the project are well understood, we approach and solve it with the awareness that the project is the basis for reaching the purpose and goal.

We strive to offer feasible, operable and livable projects for our customers by rigorously analyzing the requirements of life safety and compliance with the norms to provide a design that supports the life of the building.


As ERK Project and Engineering, we provide technical consultancy and consultancy services based on technology and scientific facts about technical issues, and with information and idea based service manner in order to solve or approach a problem on natural or built environment.

Design is the basis of a project, but it needs to be coordinated with other disciplines, as well as time planning and budgeting for the project to be implemented.

We work to provide realistic, feasible and manageable solutions by taking responsibility for the projects we consult, evaluating the risks as our own risks, and walking alongside our customers.



In order for a project to be successful, it is essential to complete the work on time, according to its budget and according to its project.

Our engineers take an active role in design and project supervision, site coordination, measurement, testing and commissioning with their knowledge and experience and work responsibly.

They contribute to the implementation of the project in coordination with the project management and employer for the measures and solutions to be taken by auditing and reporting.